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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does ultrasonic cleaning kill bacteria?

Ultrasonic cleaning kills bacteria and other pathogens through physical means rather than by a chemical reaction, eliminating the need for harsh compounds and the possibility of instigating resistant organisms.

  • Does your cleaning process work on COVID-19?

Our cleaning process implements an EPA approved surface disinfectant product for use against SARS-CoV2 virus.​​

  • Does yellowing/sun damage on faux wood blinds come off with the ultrasonic cleaning?

The simple answer is no, the yellowing will not come off in the ultrasonic machine. Typically, yellowing is usually caused by UV damage from constant exposure to the sun. The light and UV rays will cause the chemical components in the blinds to break down and discolor on the surface of the blind.

  • What type of blinds can be washed by ultrasonic cleaning? 

        Roller Shades, Mini, Micro and Macro Horizontal Blinds, Fabric and PVC 

        Vertical Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Cellular Shades, Luminettes & Silhouettes

        can be done by this process. 

        Blackout Cellular Shades and Silhouettes cannot

        be washed; but can be air compressed to get rid of bugs and other debris

        stuck in the cells. 

        Real Wood Blinds cannot be cleaned in the ultrasonic

        machine but can be cleaned by hand;  slats will warp if submerged in water.    

  • If the blinds are around 10-20 years old can they be cleaned?

Depending on the product most can be cleaned by ultrasonics. In some cases we may warn against cleaning due to decay in the glue that binds cells together. If you have any doubts about the blind, please contact us at           (303) 922-5422.

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