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Residential Sales

Call for information on your up coming project. Schedule an in home consultation with a

knowledgeable representative about which type of window covering would best suit your needs.  Once a window covering is selected, a technician will come out and measure the specified windows. When we receive the blinds we will come out and install them.

Hesitant about installing blinds purchased online / in box store?  UCB's expert technicians would be glad to install for you!  Call today!   

Residential Cleaning & Repairs


We offer several options for cleaning & repairing your blinds. 

  1. Drop Off Blinds at Office for cleaning and repairs; PLEASE CALL AHEAD​​ !                      ​

  2. In-person Pick-up &                Return:  Upon arrival at your residence all specified blinds will be pulled and  labeled numerically to be placed back in the same windows. If there is something impeding the removal  of the blind we ask for you to please remove it to help with the care and safety of both  your items and the service tech.  Many in home services can happen either same or       next day.​                                            

  3. No-Contact Clean and Repair Service:  Due to the concern  of COVID-19, we offer a no-contact option.  Customers  need to  leave their blinds outside of the residence for our service techs to retrieve. Upon return, the service tech will call to let you know the blinds are at the door step or where specified.


Commercial Sales

Call to discuss your upcoming project. After a phone  consultation with a window covering expert, a team will come out to measure all specified windows.  We work with manufacturers such as Mecho, Lutron, Draper, SWF Contract / Springs, Insolroll, Norman Blinds, Levolor, etc...  

Commercial Cleaning & Repairs

This is a wonderful option for spaces that need a "refresh."  Our field team will pull all blinds at the time of demo; eliminating the liability from damage that can occur during construction.  Blinds will be labeled numerically to ensure organization and proper placement back into original windows.  UCB will store, ultrasonically clean and repair all blinds at our facility; ready to be returned at the final clean stage of the project. 

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